The CCG, or the Commision of Counter Ghoul, is an organization made to protect humanity from ghouls. They use weapons called quinques, which are made from ghouls' kagunes. They also use aratas, special armor quinques for protecting themselves. The aratas have not been added yet. You can also choose to be a CCG in the starting play menu. You can head to the quinque factory to manufactor a quinque from collected kagune essence, and the CCG building to train, become a Quinx, or get a quest. A Quinx is a half ghoul, half human hybrid that works for the CCG as an investigator. They gain their kagune through a surgery. The quests require you to kill multiple ghouls, and return to the CCG building for the reward. Training increases your EXP, but costs Yen and lowers your hunger.

A CCG walking down the street with their quinque.
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